Queen City Ballers

The Queen City Ballers Youth Basketball Association, (QCBYBA), a non-profit organization with a footprint in the University City area of Charlotte, NC. Founded and organized for the development of the “student-athlete”, emphasis is placed on community service, scholarship, character development and athletic excellence through the promotion of competitive basketball for youths between the ages of 7 and 19 (grade exception).

Our goal is to recruit and attract the leading players in the area and compete at a national level, focusing on fundamental skills, quality instruction and student achievement.

The Queen City Ballers basketball team was one of the first programs organized by the TreSports organization geared towards allowing the youth this organization serves to engage in a positive activity at no cost. This friendly competition allows  youth to excel or perform to the best of their ability and experience  an opportunity that they might not have been able to without QCB.

We stand by:

  • TEACHING all youth to strive for greatness as pillar members of our communities.
  • REACHING for academic and personal success starting from within.
  • EMPOWERING each youth with the tools  they need to be successful through
  • SPORTS being the common ground to allow all of these things to happen.




Phone: 704-900-6210
Address: 10101 Newell Hickory Grove Road Charlotte, NC 28213

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